Issue 39 - A Tube of Chemistry
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Issue 39 - A Tube of Chemistry

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Hello Young Researchers,

There are experiments in which the substances explode, foam, glow and it makes you wonder how these things happen. Is it magic? Is it real? Sometimes we cannot tell the difference. We would like to know what is inside the test tubes and how they are made. You can research and do experiments to satisfy your curiosity. In this issue, we start off with the experiments that surprised us. We browsed books, mixed liquids and compared smells. We listened to the stories of alchemists and met chemists. We learned what chemistry is. We created fun tongue twisters with the things we learned. We put all these things in a tube. Come on, let's discover the chemistry and try to say the tongue twisters. Here is the first tongue twister:

Pink pigeon picked a pineapple pie,
Pinky piggy pickled the pie,
They picnicked under the pine,
And painted a picture of the pickled pie.

Happy reading! 

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