Issue 40 - I Dream About Flying
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Issue 40 - I Dream About Flying

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Hello Young Researchers,

Soaring like birds,
Watching the world from above,
Moving rapidly from side to side,
Feeling the air...

Many people have attempted to do these things! Each attempt led to another one and they flew again and again. In the end, they invented vehicles that could fly in the sky. An exciting journey that starts with paper planes and ends with rockets!

We went along on this journey and got to know different flying vehicles. We learnt about the physics of flying. We soared towards Antarctica and photographed everything that we saw. We wrote down our ideas and painted pictures. Now it's your turn! Write down the ideas that come to mind on a piece of paper, then fold a plane with it! Young researchers, if you are ready, make it fly!

Let's see how they fly. 

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