Issue 26 - So Much Light!
Issue 26 - So Much Light!
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Issue 26 - So Much Light!

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Hello Young Researchers,
We are starting this issue by playing an evocation
game. We will give the first words. Then you will
continue. Let's see what these words will evoke
in you. Night - day, darkness - light, shade - shape,
sky - rainbow, blue - green, bright - dull...
We continued this evocation game and found
our subject for this week: Light!
We examined our environment, thumbed through
the books, talked to scientists, did experiments.
Then we said: "So much light is there!" We asked
questions to each other. Could we see if light
wasn't there? How do we see the colors?
Who did which experiments on light?
What do we see in the sky? May the rainbow
be circle? Are there light emitting living creatures?
Could a painting be made without light?
You can find the answers to all these questions
in our magazine.
If you are ready, read the magazine both in
the morning and in the evening. Try to find
from where and how the light comes.
Enjoy reading.

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