Issue 27 - Starting From Zero
Issue 27 - Starting From Zero
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Issue 27 - Starting From Zero

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Hello Young Researchers!
Are you ready to play the game
we call zero? Let’s begin then.
Now, raise your hands up above and shake
your fingers slightly. Now, move your fingers
to show what you are saying.
Here is one, now it is gone!
Here are two, now they are gone, too!
Here are three, now there are not any!
Here are four, they disappear as a whole!
Here are five, you cannot see my fingers at all!
Do you notice something when you closed
your fingers? Look at the shape of your hand.
Your hand looks like a circle and that shape
is what we call zero. It also is the name of
nothingness in the play we play.
We are so amazed! We are running after this
zero. While wondering if it is a number, or a
shape or even nothingness, you know what
we have noticed? Zero is a starting point.
We brought together whatever we have
found and narrated to you through interesting
information, enjoyable drawings, and
questions that make you think.
Have a look! We started from zero and now
you should do the same!
Enjoy your reading!

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