Issue 29 - Going Up and Down
Issue 29 - Going Up and Down
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Issue 29 - Going Up and Down

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Dear Young Researchers,

In this issue, we started our journey by going around the city. We observed animals, plants and the ground around us. We saw small molehills on the ground. While trying to understand what they are, we encountered small creatures living underground. One of them was the mole. "How do these amazing moles live, what do they eat?" we asked. Then, we wondered if we can live underground as well. Just then, we learnt that there are underground cities. We went directly to Cappadocia. While thinking about the deeper layers of the ground, the structure of the Earth's crust came to our minds. We examined volcanoes and caves. When we came back, we wrote down what we saw and learnt in order to share it with you. We gave a name to this journey:

"Going up and down!"

Come on, let's take a look at the magazine. Will you be interested in what we see on and under the ground? How about you plan your own journey?

Enjoy the issue!

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