Issue 34 - Hop and Balance!
Issue 34 - Hop and Balance!
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Issue 34 - Hop and Balance!

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Dear Young Researchers,

Do you know the game Statues?

You step forward and then suddenly freeze in position. You stand still for a while without losing your balance. The object of the game is to reach your destination like this. If a person starts to laugh while everybody is standing still like a statue, it makes everybody laugh and lose their balance. That's the most enjoyable part of the game.

In this issue, we ask the question "How do we balance ourselves when we play games?". We look for the balance between planets, in nature, the materials that we produce, animal locomotion and art. All of the topics are fun and interesting.

Now turn the pages of your magazine, 

Hop and freeze, 

Have fun.

Enjoy the issue!

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