Issue 36 - The Center of the Things
Issue 36 - The Center of the Things
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Issue 36 - The Center of the Things

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Hello Young Researchers,

Do you want to play a game?

Bend your knees and crouch down. Hug your knees and make yourself as small as possible. Hold on a moment, then get up slowly. Extend your arms as much as you can. Grow taller, taller and taller...

In this issue, we started off with the concept of growing. Growing reminded us of the seeds which are at the centre of sunflowers. When we thought about what else is at the centre of other things, we came up with the nucleus and the Earth’s core. All of them are different sizes, but equally interesting. We played games, wrote poems and painted pictures. We ate sunflower seeds in the meantime. As you turn the pages, you will find various ideas that we developed and wrote down. Come on, fly through the pages!

Happy reading!

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