Issue 37 - We're Moving
Issue 37 - We're Moving
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Issue 37 - We're Moving

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Hello Young Researchers,

We are moving!

- Where are you going to move to?

- Some of us to somewhere nearby, some of us to somewhere far away.

- What are you going to take with you?

- Our belongings, our food, our animals, our memories, everything we have collected...

- How are you going to move them?

- We packed everything. We found everybody that will help us and everything that we will use.

- When are you going to move?

- Soon!

Moving is the theme of this month's issue. We wondered about how to move things and how far they could be moved. We thought, made observations, did experiments and wrote things down. We are ready to move! Would you like to join us? Have fun and take your favourite pages of your magazine everywhere with you.

Happy reading!

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